A Tail-Wagging Good Dog Subscription Box that Gives Back

I love Austin and the very pet friendly vibe it's fostered. Recently, I found a great Austin-based company with a clear goal of helping as many shelter and rescue dogs as possible with it's give-back attitude.

“What do you get the dog who has it all but wants to give back? A Get Wagging seasonally designed dog collar, the collar with two lives. Get Wagging is creating eye catching collars and leashes each month, of course.

This is how it works; Subscribe to Get Wagging and receive a seasonally designed dog collar every month. When your next box arrives, send back the collar from your previous shipment using Get Wagging's prepaid return packaging, and they'll donate your gently-used collar to a dog who needs one. Together, Get Wagging and you will provide a dog in need of rescue with a basic necessity, one month at a time.

I’ve been a subscriber almost since they started, and their boxes are totally worth it. They do a great job of both designing adorable leashes and collars with a set goal of giving back to the community.

All cool pups should have a Get Wagging Collar. True story, my friends. True Story.

#GetWagging #TailWagging #ShelterandRescueDogs #MadeinAustin #DogCollar #AustinAnimalCenter #SeasonallyDesignedCollars

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