Hot Summer Asphalt and Your Pet

As temperatures continue to climb here in Texas, we've be hitting double digits, it's important to remember to protect your dogs paws from hot pavement and heated sidewalks. Prevent your dog from having their paws burnt by employing a simple test, stand on the pavement, without shoes for seven seconds without lifting your feet. If it's too hot for your feet, it's too hot for your dog's paws too.

A simple trick to keep your dogs paws safe is to stick to walking pets in the mornings or evenings when it is cooler. If you have to be out during the day, with your pet, exercise or walk your dog on grass. One thing not to forget is walking dogs during hot summer temperatures can lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal.

Let's all keep our furry friends safe this summer from pad burns and heatstroke.

#HotAsphaltSidewalks #HotPavementandDogPaws #HotTemperaturesandDogs

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