Love, Compassion and Pet Loss

When I tell someone I’m a pet sitter usually everyone is very envious imagining my day is a series of play dates with puppies, dogs, cats, kittens and critters of all type. I’ve never had anyone say to me, I would hate to have your job. Instead, they would gladly trade jobs in a second to be around pets all day. Being a pet sitter is an amazing job, I love it but one thing I don’t think I’ll ever get use to is when a client tells me their pet is dying.

You see, I get attached to your pets, just like you. The loss of a client’s pet can be a devastating loss of an animal friend for a pet sitter too. From the moment I meet your pet I start forming a bond with them. It begins from the moment I physically touch your furry friend and companion, those first pets and the pets to come give me the feeling that we’re connected. Pet sitters become bonded with the sweet pets we care for.

Our relationship to pets is simple, it’s filled with love and devotion, the relationship is free from human relationship complexities. When a pet I’ve care for passes, a little piece of my own heart goes with them. I’m deeply appreciative of my clients, who are in the middle of a great personal loss but will take me into consideration when keeping me up to date regarding pets health.

It’s only logical with such a loss of a beloved pet everyone would feel pain and grief at their passing. As for me, those feelings are combined with how grateful I am at having the opportunity to play a small part in their pet’s lives. There will always be tears for me in coping with the loss of an animal friend. My one wish is during my time with the pets I’ve come to love is if I was able to convey the joy and unconditional love each pet inspired me to give.

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